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The OHM story began with a physicist, company founder Dave Schmidt, and a question: Can we build exercise equipment true to the complex, dynamic way we interact with the physical world?


A lifelong cyclist, sailor, rower, and cross-country skier, Dave was repeatedly frustrated by the dull experience of indoor exercise equipment relative to outdoor activities they claim to simulate. This led to close examination of the physics of motion and force production, and realization that its most defining characteristic is variability. The challenge was clear – develop exercise technology that will allow for our naturally variable expression of force in motion.


The result – OHM Delta-Kinetic™ resistance – responds intuitively to the way we move by giving the user control of every variable – resistance, speed, and path of motion. In even early prototype form, the benefits of the approach were clear, recapturing the “feel” Dave sought, while improving exercise safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. The responsive nature of the technology also allowed for a significant advance in biometric data tracking.


OHM has subsequently attracted a world-class group of advisors and partners from the fitness, wellness and performance training industries and is committed to delivering its technology to all areas of health and human movement.

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