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The Best performing Athletes produce more force

at  higher speed to generate the Most Power 


Unlike weight, band, spring or pneumatic resistance, OHM allows athletes to express naturally varying force and power at every point within a given exercise. This allows for optimized work output in any phase of training, from high intensity to cool down and recovery. OHM’s combination of dynamic, ground-based resisted movement enables athletes to produce more power in less time, resulting in improved speed, strength, and agility.


In allowing for dynamic force application and complex movement, OHM expands the realm of the possible in performance training. Coaches and athletes can now consider movement speed, peak/average force production, time-under-tension, work, peak/average power, and other variables as tools and metrics available for training optimization. This unprecedented versatility – in terms of both the physiology of exercise and its measurement – make OHM a transformative addition to the sports performance field.

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OHM’s benefits as a training modality extend to highly accurate force and power data tracking, enabling coaches and athletes to monitor progression and optimize performance in real-time. Advanced analytics also help validate and refine training protocols, while motivating athletes to excellence.

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