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OHM is technology rooted in the physics of force production and motion. Its innovations are Delta-Kinetic™ resistance, a revolutionary advance in exercise & rehabilitation science, and the OHM Performance Tracking System™. These technologies allow for natural, dynamic, resisted movement and unprecedented performance assessment, progression tracking, and reporting.


OHM technology is based on insight into the acute, highly variable way the human body produces and applies force to interact with the physical world. It grew out of frustration with the static, restrictive properties of weight, spring, or band-based exercise, in which the force required to engage in movement is defined by the resistance medium, not the user.


Delta-Kinetic resistance was born of the need to create technology capable of accommodating and allowing for dynamic real-world expression of force. The result is a revolutionary new paradigm in functional movement that enables athletes and patients to direct their own exercise or rehabilitation experience with acute proprioceptive precision. Man no longer serves machine.


By eliminating the inertial resistance of isotonic (weight-based) training, Delta-Kinetic resistance reduces injury risk from the impulse loading and excess stress at the initiation of movement, when joint angles and soft tissue are most vulnerable. The elimination of momentum further enables users to apply maximal force, or back off instantaneously, at any point within range of motion, resulting in more total work and time under tension per repetition. The ability to engage in complex resisted movement with proper neurological and muscular sequencing allows athletes and patients to exercise or rehabilitate more safely, effectively, and efficiently. Delta-Kinetic resistance works because it allows the body to read and react to the highly variable forces of natural, functional motion.



In developing a resistance technology capable of accommodating variable force expression, OHM also created the means to measure it. The OHM Performance Tracking System™, a direct by-product of Delta-Kinetic resistance, accurately and consistently measures applied force through full range of motion. This gives rise to a rich analytic platform that represents the next generation in digital health, performance optimization, data tracking and reporting.

OHM Performance Tracking System captures:
    •    Peak and average force and power output
    •    Applied force over distance (work)
    •    Calories 
    •    Repetition counter


Creating Data Sets to:
    •    Accurately assess athlete & patient capability
    •    Baseline for training/rehab/return-to-play
    •    Progression tracking 
    •    Goal-based performance metrics

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