Rehabilitation is the production of Work to
Restore or Improve functional movement.


Therapists typically select weight or resistance levels for patients based on concerns about discomfort, re-injury risk, and/or force production capacity at the most compromised points within range of motion. This results in significant underutilization of the muscle(s), soft tissue, or joint complex at stronger, less compromised points, reducing total work output and potentially extending recovery.


Unlike weights or bands, OHM allows patients to acutely manage resistance intensity through full range of motion, resulting in more total work per repetition. The ability to fully, but safely tax injured and healthy surrounding tissue should lead to quicker, more effective outcomes.

The benefits of OHM for rehabilitation extend from a superior physical user experience to advanced data analytics. Its accommodative resistance enables therapists to accurately assess injury, track rehab progression, and compare individual and benchmark results throughout course of treatment. 

Contact us to learn how OHM can help you more safely and effectively assess, train, and monitor the progression and readiness of your clients and athletes.

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