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The OHM Run Delta-Kinetic™ Trainer enables athletes to engage in natural, functional, ground-based movement against fixed-speed or fixed-load resistance. This allows for training comparable, but biomechanically superior to traditional sled pushes and pulls or bungee-resisted exercise, while allowing force and power optimization through full range of motion.


The Run can be used with the specially engineered OHM Power Harness vest for secure load distribution during propulsive exercise, or with handle(s) or a bar for distal or off-axis loading and robust core activation. The Quick-Flip Bridle also allows for 180-degrees of pushing or pulling rotation and easy directional transition for a full 360-degrees of resisted movement.


Combine game-changing resistance with the ability to track and report accurate user force and power output and it’s clear the OHM Run advances the art and science of functional training.


  • Size (W x D x H facing machine): Wall Mount - 22.5" x 10" x 60", Floor Mount- 22.5" x 30" x 58"

  • 100 ft  high tensile strength Dyneema® cable

  • Resistance range from 0-200 lbs. in constant speed mode 

  • Resistance range from 10-150 lbs. in constant force mode

  • Fixed speed range from 0.1 to 10.0 MPH in 0.1 MPH increments

  • Tracks force and power data

  • Reactive Resistance Technology responds to every user’s ability

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Meticulously designed and constructed to optimize lower body force production on the OHM Run, the Power Harness is the product of extensive field-testing and our commitment to proper functional movement. It is the finest training vest we know of on the market today


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Used with two GRIP handles or a bar for bilateral resistance, or the OHM Power Harness for load distribution through 180-degree rotational movement, the BRIDLE’s versatility allows for dynamic training on the Run that redefines the sled and functional exercise category.


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The durable GRIP is a simple, yet highly versatile form of engagement with OHM Delta-Kinetic resistance. From pushing and pulling to off-axis loading to internal or external rotational movement, the OHM GRIP targets muscle and core activation.

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