Resistance that Redefines Functional Training



From the demanding requirements of performance sport to tasks as (seemingly) simple as carrying groceries or closing a door, our interaction with the world is infinitely variable and extraordinarily complex. But the tools we use to train and rehabilitate are incapable of accommodating variability or allowing us to work to the full extent of our abilities… until now.


OHM is a groundbreaking technology that celebrates the complexity of human motion. By giving the user control over resistance, speed, and path of movement, OHM eliminates the constraints of conventional training equipment and unlocks freedom we experience naturally in sport and life.


OHM enables anyone – regardless of fitness, age, or impairment – to train with optimal effectiveness and efficiency, significantly reduced injury risk, and a familiar, truly functional level of engagement.


Optimize Force and Power through full range of Motion

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Contact us to learn how OHM can help you more safely and effectively assess, train, and monitor the progression and readiness of your clients and athletes.

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